Are you trying to plan for the future without being distracted by complex jargon?


Do you want to help your people make better long-term decisions? 


Do you want your team to become “more strategic”?


Strategy alchemy: How to create powerful strategy


What do a leading economist, a mathematical genius and an 18th-century conman all have in common?


They were all obsessed with alchemy – the blending of base elements to create something of greater value.


Drawing on her experience with organisations across multiple sectors and life cycles, Rosie unlocks the secrets to blending information, imagination and shared ambition to create alchemy of a different kind – new pathways to future success.


Learn what powerful strategy is, how to inspire creative thinking and reach genuine consensus about your path to success.

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A little bit of strategy magic

Each and every one of us has the ability to step up and become more powerful strategists in our businesses and lives.

As a strategy alchemist, Rosie helps organisations unlock the power of strategic thinking.


In this keynote, Rosie reveals how these secrets can also help individuals think creatively, map out a path to success and commit to it.

Whether you’re a small business owner, an upcoming leader, or someone who just wants to feel more confident when making decisions, Rosie can help you set your own direction and plan the steps needed to achieve it. Gain a new sense of confidence in your own strategic abilities and how to set goals for your future.

Note: this keynote can be combined with a 2 - 3 hour workshop applying key concepts to build a personalised plan for business growth.

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Collaborating to create our future

Are you missing “magic moments” in your strategic conversations?

High performing organisations create and deliver powerful strategies.


But how do you reach those “aha” moments – when everyone is on board, and the way ahead is crystal clear?


For executives, Board directors and upcoming leaders, Rosie unpicks how to design and lead strategic conversations which prompt fresh thinking, clarify what is most important, and build genuine consensus on how to achieve it.


Keynote Speaker

Rosie Yeo is known as a strategy alchemist because of her skill in helping leaders and teams harness their collective creativity in imagining and then creating a better future.


In her keynote speeches and workshops, she shares the secrets of how individuals and organisations can think creatively, map out a path to success and commit to it.

Book one of Rosie’s keynotes or workshops to inspire a fresh approach to strategy and build confidence in creating a better future.