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Outside the box

The old divide between "creatives" and "non creatives" no longer exists

- to succeed in a a changing world we all need to change our thinking.

Rosie Yeo conference speaker

If we want to succeed in an uncertain world we need to change our thinking. Strategic thinkers are creative thinkers, but there's more to it than that.


All of us can become more strategic and more creative in our life and work.

Three simple behaviours can transform everyday problem-solving and long-term planning and inspire your best ideas:

“Look up, look around and then lock in.”

You can make smarter, faster decisions every day when you’re clear about your long game.  When you set and commit to long-term ambitions, everyday disruptions are less likely to throw you off course. You can make better decisions with less uncertainty because you know where you’re heading. 

As a team leader, a business owner, and even when planning your own life journey, be inspired to surface fresh ideas and confidently take bigger leaps.

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