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Rosie Yeo
BOLD Strategy
Keynote speaker

Aim Higher, Plan Smarter,
Act Sooner

Are your people exhausted and unmotivated after constant change and upheaval? Are you hesitating to make big moves because the ground keeps shifting? Is your plan sitting on the shelf - unloved, outdated and irrelevant?

Rosie Yeo Speaker BOLD Strategy

Over the past few years, we’ve ignored long-term strategy while coping with immediate problems. But if we’re not clear about our long-term ambitions, we can’t make good choices right now. 


It’s time to


  • Build optimism and excitement to plan for growth 

  • Promote a sense of urgency for innovation and openness to new ideas

  • Achieve big leaps forward in 2023 and beyond

How teams create strategy

Bold Keynotes


Go for BOLD

Move on from crisis management and build optimism and momentum for long-term success.


Think BOLD

Give your team the confidence to think creatively and make smart decisions, everyday.


facilitator / MC

Draw in participants and panellists with thought-provoking, upbeat conversations.


What is BOLD Strategy?
We Can't Control Everything

As a keynote speaker, facilitator and strategic adviser, Rosie has worked with clients including:

Rosie Yeo clients
Rosie Yeo clients
Rosie Yeo Speaker clients
Rosie Yeo clients
We thoroughly enjoyed Rosie’s presentation and the way she engaged with our delegates was fantastic and well received.

Leanne Walsh

CEO, College Capital Australia Ltd

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Rosie Yeo: BOLD Strategy

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